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Drinking water analysis

Your trustworthy laboratory partner for clean drinking water

According to current drinking water regulations

Water is our most important food and high water quality is the beginning of all health protection. As a laboratory company based in Osnabrück for many years, drinking water analysis represents an important area of our range of services. In our modern laboratories we carry out all the microbiological and chemical tests prescribed by the 2001 Drinking Water Regulation in its latest version.

Legionella analysis:

The new version of the Drinking Water Regulation places high demands on the germ contamination of drinking water by Legionella. Regular wateranalyzes for Legionella are mandatory for owners of apartment buildings in which a central hot water supply is operated, as well as for all facilities and operators who provide water for public use (hotels, sports facilities, elderly care facilities, etc.)

Check the following:

  • Systems from a hot water storage volume of 400 l
  • Systems whose piping from the hot water tank to the most distant tap has a capacity of more than 3 liters.

Sampling and analytics

Our team of certified probe collectors for drinking water guarantees reliable and competent sampling and analysis in accordance with the currently Drinking Water Regulation. After placing the order, our probe collectors will contact you by phone or email to make an appointment according to your wishes.


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